Nerdist Shout Out

Hey guys and gals, I’m just here to write a quick shout out to the team over at I listen to their podcast and I have grown to look forward to each new episode coming out. When I first started listening to the podcast, hosted by Chris Hardwick, Matt Mira and Jonah Ray, I would only listen to the interviews they did with names I knew of but as time has gone by I listen to each and every episode simply because they always have amazing people on the show. I’ve learnt  so much about some great people who I knew of those who I had never heard of before. There has even been people who I didn’t like from what I had seen of them in movies etc. but after hearing them on the show I realised that I was mistaking the person with a character.

This is an awesome podcast and I strongly recommend it if you like listening to interesting people talking.

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