My First Submission, and Rejection

On Saturday, after a bit of a kick up the arse by Scott Sigler, I submitted a story to an online magazine. This was the first time I had sent a story out, and it got rejected. I was expecting that if I’m honest but I’m relieved that I finally got a story sent out.

I did learn a few things from this.

Firstly, I screwed up the cover letter big time. I’ve got a rough idea of what to put in a cover letter, and after looking at another place to send a story to I’ve got a better idea of what needs to be included. I am going to have a little look around the web and see what is recommended to include. I don’t want to make the same mistake twice and more importantly I don’t want editors thinking I’m wasting their time because I’m not prepared.

The second thing I learnt was that it doesn’t hurt. Yeah getting a rejection sucks but that is all part of the process and its something that we, as writers, have to accept. I know there is a lot of people who submit to these markets and to stand out amongst so many people and get accepted is a long shot, but not an impossible one. I already know where I want to submit the story next time but I’m going to look at the magazine in question and see if it fits.

I do need to get my finger out and get some more words written and stories finished. Most of my shorter pieces that I have almost finished are mainly in a set of stories I’m working on, my Vampire stuff, and I don’t really want to break them up. I like the idea of either merging them into a single story or into a collection, kind of like a continuing series.

So that’s a bit of a milestone for me, first story sent out, and rejected. That’s not something bad against me or the story I wrote (Okay maybe the story sucked 😛 ). There is always the chance that the tone of the story wasn’t right. Or the genre wasn’t right or a dozen of other reasons.

What’s next? well I’m going to try and find another home for the story and I’m going to get another one of my pieces polished off and get that one sent out.


Oh, and get some more short fiction written.





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