Giving My Best

I will be the first to admit I’m not a great writer but I’m trying to improve all the time. I know I can string words together in a way that tells the story I want to tell but I’m determined to do my best to improve as I’m going. I’ve got some great Beta readers who give me some great feedback on my work which helps me improve as well.
If I’m not trying to improve my writing abilities then what’s the point in writing at all? If it’s bad, but I tried my best then I can live with that. If I’ve got something that has me saying ‘yeah, that’ll do’ then never let me near a word processor ever again.
I know I’ve still got a lot to learn but that’ll come with writing.

I’m not willing to make do, I want to create the best stories I possibly can and I’m not willing to compromise that. If I’m not happy with it, then it won’t see the light of day until I am happy with it.


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