Back Writing

Despite finishing the outline for the re-write of Earth, After Liberation on Saturday I’ve only just started on the actual act of writing it tonight. I wanted to start on Monday but didn’t and last night I did nothing on it either. I could make excuses but I’m not going to, laziness crept in. I’m kind of glad it did though because the 1480 words I wrote tonight really did come out quite easily. I’m using the Writing Journal app which allows you to put in a project, set a word count target and times your sessions. I did those 1480 words in about an hour and I liked having that little time there.

Nice little short post tonight, I was going to try and get through some of the emails I have backed up (almost 200 now) but I’m beat and I need to get back in the habit of reading so I’m gonna log out now and read before getting some sleep.


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