Yesterdays Words

I got 1345 words written in about an hour yesterday evening. I’ve a feeling those words may need a little tidying up as I’ve been struck by a bit of a head cold and its making my head feel a little sluggish, well, my whole body feels a little sluggish today if I’m being honest.
Back to what I wrote yesterday though; I got an important action scene written that goes towards building some character bonds and seeing as I’ve deviated from my outline a little already I’m going to add a scene that’s not in the outline in the next bit I’ll be be adding. This will be a little character work too.

I was hoping to get a good 3k words in today but I’m not so sure I will now. I’ve given myself a 1000 word a day target as a minimum, so I’ll be doing that regardless and hopefully once I get started I’ll get well stuck in and I’ll knock out a few more words then the minimum.


2 thoughts on “Yesterdays Words

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