Today’s Update 8-12-14

A pretty good 1297 words tonight but I’d like to be doing more of the 1500-2000 word a night range if I’m totally honest. I do feel like I’m picking up my momentum a bit but I’m going to have an interrupted week to an extent. Tuesday and Thursday nights I’m off to (hopefully) get my Christmas shopping done. I’m still going to do some writing when I get home after the shopping but I’m not expecting to get a lot of words down.

One of my recent frustrations is that it’s taking me to almost 8pm before I can get writing. I finish work at 6pm and by the time I’ve had a bath, eaten dinner and washed the dishes a fair chunk of the evening is already gone. I like to be wrapping up by about 9pm as I’ve learnt that I need to let my brain wind down a little before I get my head down for the night. On Tuesday and Thursday I’ll probably work more towards 10pm so I can make sure I get to the 1000 word minimum.

That said, I’m going to get into bed and watch the rest of Terminator: Salvation 🙂


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