Good Morning Tuesday

I was off out doing a little christmas shopping last night, so by the time I got home and sorted out it was 9pm that I started writing. Hitting that minimum of a 1000 words a day was hard last night but I still managed it.
Just a few months ago I wouldn’t have written at all, I would have just got home and put my feet up thinking that I’ll just carry on tomorrow(today) and put my feet up for what was left of the evening.
I’m trying to get some writing done every day. Stephen King says in his book On Writing that he writes everyday, regardless of what the day is. That’s a habit and mentality that I’m trying to stamp into myself. Even with the Christmas season coming this is something I’m going to do. If I can easily make an hour to write on a busy day like it was yesterday then I can sneak off for a cheeky hour on Christmas day to get some words written.

Speaking of being busy, I’d better log out and go and get ready for the day job. What ever you’re all doing today I hope you’re productive and successful.

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