Last Nights Words

I had another late start last night, getting going at around 9pm. Last night though I was far closer to being tempted to have a night off. I thought I’d only get about 500 or so words written and that it would take a silly amount of time to get those 500 words done. I think part of that was because on Tuesday night I did struggle to get coherent words written. In fact, after reading some of what I wrote on Tuesday I think I’ll be scrapping most of it when I edit it.
Last night though I knocked out just over 1200 words in just under an hour, and I think they were some very good words personally. I think if I’d been able to get an earlier start then I may have been closer to getting to the 2000 word mark.
Tonight I’m off to try and get the bulk of my Christmas shopping done so it’ll be another later start with writing, but tomorrow I’m gonna be aiming to have a decent nights writing 🙂


5 thoughts on “Last Nights Words

    • I’m glad you’ve clarified that. Having spent the morning hard at work at my day job I’m glad it wasn’t meant. I will just say that blogging (normally after I’ve written) is in part me keeping honest with myself. I’m not going to say that I’ve written X amount of words when I haven’t. I’ve also found on the occasions when I’ve blogged before I start writing it helps me get going quicker.

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