Words Written on Christmas Eve

Okay, so I didn’t write yesterday. Yes, I felt a little bad about it but it felt like my brain was made of cotton wool so I rested. I have written today, not quite a 1000 words but I wasn’t far off when I ended a chapter and decided not to start the next one till tomorrow (yes, I’m planning on writing on Christmas day).
I am finding that since I finished writing for today I may be dragging this part of the novel out, but the reasons why my characters aren’t moving forward at a quicker pace makes sense to me. I’m also building to a sort of breaking point as well and for that to happen I need to put the background in place, and there’s a character who hasn’t been introduced yet who’ll be vital to the end of this book and I need to make this introduction work well and show the character for who it is before the protagonists reach their breaking point.


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