Good Morning Tuesday

I’ve got a cold. I almost had those four words as the only content of this blog post but I thought that might be seen as lazy or just a way to get sympathy; I don’t want sympathy. It’s just a head cold, but it does affect me and what I’m trying to do.
It hit me on Sunday, but I didn’t really feel it till yesterday morning when it hit me hard and yesterday at work was a lot of hard work to get through the day. Getting home last night I was feeling pretty rough, but was cheered up by a little bit of good news when I got home, which helped spur me on to get some words written. Only seven hundred granted but that’s still seven hundred words I didn’t have when I woke yesterday. I didn’t get presents wrapped up or cards written though.

Tonight I was due to go out for a while but I’m not going to go as I really need to just get home and get in the warm and try to get this cold bug out of my system, hopefully before Christmas. I want to get those presents wrapped and cards written out tonight as well. It’s been suggested that I give writing a miss tonight, but if I’m not too wiped out by the time I’ve gotten those cards and presents sorted then I might try and get a few words done. If I don’t get anything written tonight I’ll definitely write tomorrow, unless I get really ill. That I doubt though, I’ve had enough colds over the years to know how it affects me, and despite the fuzzy head I know I can still operate almost as normal. Last night proved that, and has installed in me the knowledge that I can work through a simple cold and not cry off like I used to. I just may not get as much done.

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