A Quick Update

Evening all, I’ve just realised I haven’t posted for a few days and the simple reason for that is there’s little to tell.
I’ve done a little work today, getting a few pages red-penned for Earth, After Liberation. I also spent some time making notes for mine the universe that Project Apollo is set in. Owen and I are going to talk tomorrow evening about it. This will be the first time we’ve had a discussion about it in well over two months, so needless to say we’ve got to get back on track a fair bit.
Chrystalyn and I have been chatting throughout the day about The Residents and have made some good progress I think.
I’d like to have gotten some more done today but I’m still feeling a little disillusioned with Earth, After Liberation despite seeing some good stuff in those early pages. I’ll be working on the red-penning for the near future and see how that goes before putting the notes into action.
We also had my Nan over so I was working sporadically through conversations.
That’s all really. I’ve got to get myself back on track a little and hopefully get back into a routine.

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