Rest In Peace Mr. Leonard Nimoy

I can’t remember ever watching the original Star Trek series, but I remember watching the movies when I was younger and I always enjoyed them and as I think back to those movies many of the scenes that have stuck in my memory were of Spock. The straight way that Leonard Nimoy played this character made it memorable and iconic and to me Leonard Nimoy became iconic as well. He seemed to have a good sense of humour about himself and from what I’ve seen and heard people say of him he seems to have been a good human being.

Rest In Peace Mr. Nimoy.


3 thoughts on “Rest In Peace Mr. Leonard Nimoy

  1. ST:TOS (original trek) was, and still is, my favourite from childhood. Spock was such an iconic role model growing up (a logical choice, of course) that I felt quite upset to hear he’d (Nimoy) passed away. Watching the original series now I can appreciate the philosophies explored in the show in a different way, and how, remarkably, the storylines seem less dated in the original than they do in subsequent series. If you like sci fi reading then I recommend ‘The IDID epidemic’, as a way to remember Leonard Nimoy/Spock concept of appreciating ‘infinite diversity in infinite combinations’. I think you’ll like it!

    Just catching up on blog reading this weekend, thanks for some time to trek!

    • Thanks, I’ll check it out šŸ™‚ Im currently working my way through DS9. That, TNG and Voyager were the Star Trek series I grew up watching but I do want to get the original series at some point because I feel I need to watch it.

      I’m well out of date with blog reading as well. I’ve had a head cold which knocked me off my feet a little so I do need to catch up too.

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