Putting Aside Fears

I hadn’t realised how long its been since I’d blogged last (25th April). So, here’s what I’ve been up to. The dayjob has been incredibly busy, and that has taken a lot of energy out of my system. Which means when I get home I’m pretty much wiped out. I’ve managed to get a few words down over the last couple of weeks but we’re very much behind from where we need to be.

I’ve got a week off work so I’m going to try and get caught up a little with where we need to be. It hasn’t just been the fatigue from work that has hampered the writing. We’ve come up against a couple of pacing issues which I think we’ve solved, although we’ll have to make some additional edits in what we’ve gotten written so far.

This feels like a complicated story, it may not be but it seems like it. We have a couple of storylines that we’re trying to piece together as well as building a universe that Owen and I both really want to be engaging for the readers. At times it feels like this is too much for me to do, that this is beyond my abilities but that’s not for me to decide. I forget the name of the editor but I remember hearing a story on a podcast where a new writer was speaking to an editor and this writer said that he/she wanted to submit to this editor but he/she wasn’t good enough yet. The editor told the writer to send them whatever they had and not to presume whether they’re work is good enough to be submitted or not, that’s the job of an editor.

So I’ve got to put my insecurities aside and get the story written. Owen and I will probably self-publish our work in the Project Apollo universe, but it will be seen by our Beta readers and I know they will tell us whether it’s good enough or not. They can’t do that unless we get the story written.

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