Project Apollo Update

Since I had my massive crash and burn on the Earth, After Liberation rewrite I’ve been primarily writing my first drafts longhand; which on the Avoiding The Game rewrite has worked really well and had been working well on the Project Apollo rewrite until a week or two ago. I’ve found in the last couple of weeks that I’m loosing track of some of the storylines and I’ve forgotten a few of the characters in the handwriting stage of this story.

I’ve been putting together a universe bible for the universe that Project Apollo is set in and I think I need access to that, as well as the previous chapters of this novel to be able to get it done properly. At the moment I’ve got too many red Xs on my handwritten drafts (those are what I out into a handwritten file when I need to add a detail).

So I’m kind of resigned to dropping the handwritten draft for Project Apollo. Which isn’t something I’m happy about; mainly because I’m not getting much writing time and what writing time I am finding is normally during my lunch break at work. So I’m going to loose that time there, but I also need to get my arse into gear.

This last month I’ve lost a lot of momentum, thats in part due to the day job getting busier. That in turn takes more of my energy and when I get home I’m tired and writing just isn’t something that I can do. The day job pays my bills, so writing gets sacrificed. That I do hate but I’ve got to find ways to work hard and then come home and write.

I’m going to take a few hours off today and just relax a little. We’ve got a bank holiday here tomorrow so I don’t have to go to work and I’m going to have a good bash at Project Apollo tomorrow as well as this afternoon.

It feels like I’m a little lost with Apollo, but I can still see the path before me. I just need to work my way around a couple of obstacles.

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