Looking Back At June

I haven’t tallied up my word counts from June yet but they’ll barely add up to about 5000 words.

Throughout the month I kept thinking June would be a write-off but looking back at it now I’ve realised that it probably done me more good than bad, in having this break. I was able to rest my creative muscles and when I did write it was small snatches of words that I did get down. There was no pressure to hit a daily target, no stressing over how the various plot lines were going to tie together as what I’ve been working on is a lot simpler than Project Apollo is.

I’ve also began to enjoy writing again, the pressure I’d put myself under had drained away my love of writing and it’s now slowly returning. I’m not sure I’ll be hitting big word counts again soon but I’m liking where the story I’m working on (Avoiding the game rewrite) is going. I know how I’m going to answer the big question which will run through the story, I will need to go back and insert a few little bits here and there to make sure it’s as prevalent as I want it to be, but I’m happy with that part of the story.

With Project Apollo, I’m not sure where that is going at the moment. There are issues which I’m not sure how to deal with and Owen and I need to sit down and work a few things out before we proceed any further. I won’t make a start on it again though until I’ve done this draft of AVG, I want to finish it so I can type it up in a month or two.
That’s the compressed look at June, I’m hoping I’ll slowly improve my productivity this month but we’ll see.

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