Good Morning, Wednesday 

I managed to pass my target last night, although it was a slow writing session as I was watching a movie as I was writing. Sometimes I find it helps if I’m watching a movie I like, but that doesn’t engage me as much as other movies do and although it feels like it means I’m writing slower I’m rarely unhappy with what I’ve produce when I look it over before writing the next day.

One thing I think I’ve done with AVG is repeat myself a little too much. There’s a bit of a mystery which runs throughout the story that won’t get answered till the end and I think I’ve repeated the same conversation and internal thoughts a little too much. I’m expecting to cut a lot of that during later drafts (which is what they’re for).

I’m at eighty pages of longhand A4 of AVG now and the temptation to start typing it up keeps coming to me but I’m going to try and hold off until I’ve got this first draft finished. When I start typing it up I’m going to begin to rewrite various parts of it and I think I’d rather have a completed draft so I at least know the ending and there’s not much thats undiscovered about the story.

I did add a few words to the short story I started yesterday but not many, although I’m looking forward to the next part of it as it’ll be very action orientated 🙂

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