A Few Words, And A Little More Belief

These last couple of days I’ve been averaging about 700 words on two separate projects per day and I’m feeling good about the Avoiding The Game rewrite and I’m really enjoying this short story I’m writing exclusively on my iPhone.

All of the words I’m writing though are during the day, mainly before work and during my lunch break with a few written on the odd occasion when I’m standing in a que at the post office. Aside from last night (Wednesday the 8th) I haven’t written in the evening for a long time. I’m putting it down to fatigue due to the day job mainly but also I think it’s fatigue from being at my desk. Sometimes it can feel very oppressing being at my desk and I think that may be why I’ve been more productive while away from my desk of late. It’ll be interesting to see what I do when I’ve wrapped up the short story or AVG and have to go back to my desk when the editing process comes about.

That’s a problem for the another day though. It’s late and I’ve got work tomorrow. I will end this post on this thought though; I was worried that I was only going to be able to write good stuff in longhand, for a first draft anyway, but writing this short story on my phone has quashed that. Deep down I know I can write the same standard on any medium, I just need to have my head in the right space. Getting my head into that space whenever I’m writing is something I’m working hard on.

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