Reading Struggles

These last few months I’ve really struggled to read fiction, and even listen to it. At first I was worried it was because I wasn’t enjoying what was reading but when I’ve been I that position before I was stil listening to the various podcasts that I do. I’m not even doing that at the moment. I’m not intending to audiobooks much either, and I’ve got a good half a dozen audiobooks in my Audible library, books I want to get stuck into but the urge just isn’t there at the moment.

This has unfortunately coincided with reading an Advanced Review Copy (ARC), thankfully the author is a good bloke and has been very understanding. I’ve finished the book now but I felt bad that it took me so one together the book read and it’s really struck home that something’s not right at the moment. Normally when I get a ARC -which isn’t often- I try and knock it out in a couple of days. 

I am wondering if it’s tied into the fact that I was struggling with Project Apollo and I was losing a of of enthusiasm for writing and maybe that overflowed into reading/listening. Especially since now that I’m enjoying writing and I’ve been getting the urge to read again.

These last few months have not been good for anything related to reading and writing. I’ve watched a lot of Netflix and played video games in that time. I’m telling myself that the break has done me a bit of good and it’s refreshed me,  and I hope it has. Writing is feeling natural and fun again and hopefully reading will follow suit.

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