A Day Off

The day job has kicked my butt today so I decided to have a break. I’ve still passed my minimum word count for the day, I knocked out just over 700 words on the vampire story I’m working on before work and during my lunch break. I think I’m nearing the end of this story now, it feels like it’s coming to a natural end.

I did finally get round to watching Mockingjay tonight; I never got round to seeing it at the cinema. Partly because I’ve read the books and know how it ends but also because I’m a little wary of these films that take one book and slice it into two parts. I know in some cases it may be needed but I wasn’t convinced that was the case with Mockingjay. I’m still not if I’m honest, part one was pretty good but until I’ve seen part two and what they put in it I think I’ll reserve my opinion.

Right now I’m watching Equilibrium. This film is kind of right up my street; it deals with an oppressive regime in a near future dystopia. It’s got elements of Geroge Orwell’s 1984 and Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, but with a sort of The Matrix feel in places. I’ve always found it very thought provoking and I’m sitting here watching it thinking I need to watch, and read, 1984 again. 

Tomorrow night I’m not expecting to get much writing done as I need to prepare for a meeting with Owen on Saturday. We’re hoping to plot out where we’re going with our work in the near future.

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