Today’s Progress

I’ve passed the 1000 word mark for a second day running. All in all I wrote just over 1300 words between two different projects.

This won’t be a long post but I did just want to explain how I’m working at the moment. I’ve basically got two active projects. One is the AVG rewrite; this one I have a first draft for that I’ve written in longhand and am now typing it up. As I said yesterday I’m not sticking to the first draft word-for-word but I’m sticking to the story. I know I’ve got to make a lot of changes as I go as well, so I’m expecting I won’t be sticking closely to the handwritten draft.

The second project I’m working on is a new vampire story, which should be the first in the second volume of the vampire collections I’ve spoken about. The first book is written and I’m just waiting on Beta readers to get back to me before my final pass is made. I’m not expecting to make huge changes to it though, which is why I’m happy to start book two. I’ve known where I wanted to start it, and which character to lead with, for some time now and it feels good to be writing in this universe again. 

Those are what I’m actively working on at the moment, and both are exciting me 🙂 

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