1000 Word Day! 

I know it might seem a little odd to be getting excited by writing a thousand words in a day, but it’s been a rare occurrence for me of late and it feels a little like I’ve broken a hurdle tonight.

I’ve been itching to get stuck into some serious writing for a few days now, but I’ve been a little under the weather and when I’m ill I just like to get in bed and binge TV shows or movies. Especially if I’m well enough to still be able to go to work (which I almost always am), but today I’ve felt a little more myself than I have done for the last week or so, and despite feeling quite rough when I got home I persisted and got stuck into typing up a little more of the AVG rewrite. For the amount of time my bottom was in the chair I didn’t really do much (800 or so words this evening, 248 during my lunch break) but what I’m planning to do is each night try to beat my previous days count.

That said though, I have dropped my daily minimum to just 250 words. That’s not a lot, but it’s easily achieved and hopefully that’s enough to get me rolling and stuck into what I’m working on, which may mean I easily do more than that a day, but we’ll see.

I’m working on a vampire story at the moment as well but that’ll be my secondary project. AVG is my primary one, although I must try and stick to my original draft a little more. So far I’ve barely stuck to it at all. But that’s for tomorrow. Now I’m gonna watch a movie 🙂 

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