Having Another One Ready To Go

After my last post on Sunday a friend gave me a major nudge to write out some of the things that I’ve been through in the last couple of years and I gave it a go. Fictionalising certain elements of my life did prove to be quite therapeutic but I found that I was unsatisfied with the actual story and after a couple of days working on it I lost interest because I couldn’t see where to take the story. I’ve now all but decided to integrate the character I created (although make him less me than he is at the moment) into another story that is in the brainstorming stage. That has actually given this other story a kick as I’d not put much thought into any characters just yet and I’m tempted to try and write a draft for NaNo this year. 

Something my friend said kinda stuck with me, she’d said I need to get some writing done. The last couple of months have been mainly focused on planning, and not writing and that isn’t any good for me. I NEED to be writing. I feel so much better about myself when I’m writing, life seems to make more sense, and feels easier to deal with when I’m tattooing paper or caressing a keyboard. 

I started work on a new vampire collection story yesterday, and it felt great! I was writing with a freedom I hadn’t felt in far too long and I’d missed that feeling. I also began typing up the longhand re-write of AVG on Wednesday night. That felt great too. I’ve had it sitting so I can go through it and make notes but I just thought ‘f**k it’ and started typing. The typed draft (which will be the 2nd draft) will probably barely resemble the handwritten draft, and I didn’t really want to sit there and read through my bad handwriting looking at all the issues. I’ll deal with them as I go, and do a major red-pen read through once I’ve got a typed draft.

I’ve got to get to work now, but this week has taught me that I need to be writing. That means I need to have something ready to go once I’ve finished a draft or another project. I may have a week or two off  between the two projects but I can’t be in a position where I haven’t got another story ready to be started.
(Please ignore any typos) 

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