Good Morning, Sunday

The last few months I’ve felt a little off pace with writing. Its not been something that I’ve found easy and I think that’s because I’ve not been very successful this calendar year with writing. I’m trying to get myself more prepared for when I start writing. Previously I’ve just kind of scribbled down some notes and then tried to get a story written, and the last two times I’ve tried this it’s not gone especially well. I was talking to Chrystalyn about it and that how it was a failure but she said that it’s not as I’d learnt a lot, which I did. I could see where the two stories I’d been working on had failed and realised that the stories themselves had potential but outside of the core storyline there wasn’t enough depth to keep the story going. 
So instead of just diving in and writing the story as it comes to me I’m trying to brainstorm the initial idea and scribbling the notes down. At the moment I’ve probably got five or six active projects I’m brainstorming, one I’m (slowly) reading through a first draft (longhand) which I’m preparing to type up and another story that will be expanded from a short story into a novella (that’ll probably be this years NaNoWriMo project).

I know I’m in a big writing slump, but I’m determined to push through it and get back into the flow of words.

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