2000 Word Day

I’ve had a pretty good day with the writing, breaking the 2000 word barrier for the first time since April. I managed 927 on the AVG rewrite and 1245 (longhand) on the vampire short story I’ve been working on.

I’ve just looked through my stats as I was looking for my last 2000 word day and I was more than a little shocked to see how long its been since I did write this many words in a day. Although I’m sensible enough to know that with doing a full time job it can be hard to do a 1000 words a day let alone double that but I should be doing it more often than I am. I think some my problems with writing this year have been because I’m working on stories which are not exciting me and I’ve got to stop working on them when it starts feeling like that and move onto something that is capturing my attention. I can always go back to something and try to see why I’ve lost interest, I’ve got more than enough ideas to work on to be able to do that.

A highlight of today has been completing the first draft of the first vampire story from book two of my vampire universe, yes I know book one still needs Beta edits done but I’d like to be in a position where I can release two or three of these books in a space of a few months; so I’m no too worried about getting the changes done just yet. I’m also waiting for a Beta reader’s notes on the first book and I’m keen to get her thoughts on it as she’s got a very good eye for editing and so forth.

This coming week I’ve got to try and make some time to work on some of mine and Owen’s work as he’ll need the treatments so he can add his notes.

For now though, I’m going to kick back and enjoy the rest of my Sunday 🙂

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