NaNoWriMo 2015: Day Twelve

1972 words were written today for a total of 23,677

All of these were done at a write in, but I’m getting a bit concerned as there’s no real direction that the story is going in. I’ve got to put my protagonist through the ringer a bit and start showing some of the brutallity that’s in this world that’s not been well explored in this story yet.

I’m actually probably going to take tomorrow off from this story and let my brain try and process a little. I’ve had some good ideas on where to take it, brainstorming with Chrystalyn has been very helpful in that front, but nothing has really settled on what I think will work well with the characters and the setting. That’s why I’m going to give myself a day off. I’m well ahead at the moment and can afford to do so.

A lesson that this years NaNo has taught me is that I can’t just pants a story. I need to think it out a little before I get stuck in. Not so much with shorter pieces but anything more than about 20,000 words and I think I need to be plotting a little.

I hope everyone else’s NaNo is going well. Something I’ve learned is that even if you don’t hit the mythical 50k it doesn’t matter. You’re still putting words down and that’s more than many other people do.

If you’d like to add me on the NaNo site my handle is PeterJReaper. The links to my Facebook Page and Twitter profile are on the right hand side of the screen.

Whatever you’re doing, have fun 🙂 

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