Looking At The Positives Of A Slow Week

The last week has been a bit of a slower week when it comes to writing related efforts. Most of the time I have to put towards writing comes during the evenings and on Sunday’s. This last week though I’ve not managed to get much done in the evenings at all. A combination of Christmas shopping, visiting a relative in hospital, unexpected rushing around, and an evening when I was just exhausted meant that nothing got written in the evenings of the last week. Even yesterday (Sunday) I had a day where I took it very easily, 800 words for the day.

Am I feeling bad that I didn’t get more written? No. Simply because I was writing a little during my lunch breaks and a few other times when I had the opportunity. I did manage a FaceTime with Owen and updated him on how a couple of bits are going. So I did get some stuff done.

Not long ago I would have looked at last week as a failure, but now I look at it as an okay week. I had non-writing stuff to deal with and I still managed to get words written. I’m still within sight of hitting 20k for the month (20k I think will be my minimum monthly target) but if I don’t, I don’t. With life stuff and a full time job I’ve got to expect to have weeks like the last one.

This coming week could be as busy as the last one, although almost all my Christmas shopping is done, and if it is, then I’ll deal with it like I did last week. 

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