Yesterday’s Progress

Yesterday I got about 500 words written, split almost equally on my vampire book and this universe that Owen and I are working on. I also read through a few pages of the most recent Project Apollo draft and made a few notes for the universe bible. It also helped me come up with an idea or two for stories Owen and I have talked about, one of which is quite a big story point for the universe.

I would have liked to get more words written but I visited my Grandad who’s in hospital, he comes home today, and when I got home there wasn’t a lot of time to get much done which is why I done some reading of Project Apollo.

Something I am trying to do this week is get back reading again. I feel like I’ve been slacking a little lately so I want to change that.

Tonight I have dinner with friends so I’m not expecting many words done today, but I will be making time to write at some point.

Have a good day, everyone 🙂

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