Good Morning

Just a quick post this morning. Last night I red-penned the Apollo universe story I’ve written, while earlier in the day I finished doing the same to the mermaid story I’ve done. So both are now ready to be wrapped up over the weekend.

I haven’t actually written anything since before Christmas and I’m begining to feel it a little. Yes, I’ve done editing stuff and working on the Apollo universe bible but no new words have been put down. I’ve been slacking and that comes to an end now. I’m going to get back on my vampire stories and get this second book wrapped up and think about book three and I’m going to print off 2015’s NaNoWriMo story and read through that and save the good stuff from it and decide what I’m going to do with it once I’ve seen what I’ve got left.

I do have a story I wrote a few years ago that I tried to rewrite this year but couldn’t make it work, so instead I’m just going to do an in depth edit on it and see how it shapes up after that.

Right, time to get ready for work, have a great New Year’s Eve everyone 🙂 

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