Monday 22nd February 

I got a really good 1341 words done today, with the bulk being done in about an hour this evening.

It’s not been a smooth start getting back into this story. I don’t think it’s helped that since I finished off the previous WIP I’ve not really had a decent chance to get stuck in. Over the past weekend I did manage to get rolling a little, and add in today’s word count I’m feeling a little more like I’m getting a little pace build up now. I’ve not got anything planned this week that I think will take up an evening, but even if I did I don’t think it would cause me too much loss of momentum. The last two weeks I’ve been a little unwell and I’ve had a few social engagements. So all that has felt like its drained me a little.

I’m now feeling pretty good and am begining to see how to fill some of the gaps in the story going forward.

Something I’m finding is that I can write better when I know I don’t have a lot of time. Tonight for instance I didn’t get writing till near 8pm, and I like to be done for the night by about 9pm. So that only really gave an hour; but I put a shout out on my local NaNo Facebook page for sprinting buddies and I had a couple of ladies on there join me for a couple of sprints and I managed to probably do a good 950-1000 words in that hour. So I may start doing that of an evening. Not start writing till say 7:30 or so and see how it goes. 

Right, that’s me done for the day. I’m going to knock out a chapter or two of The Man In The High Castle before bed.

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