Leap Day Means Writing

It’s the 29th of February and I did very little different than I would do if this was not a Leap Year, well aside from going out for dinner with my Mum and Dad, but I would have done that if today wasn’t the 29th.

So, just a normal day then, which means me droning on about writing 😛

I managed just shy of 700 words today, with the bulk of those being during my lunch break and I liked what I was able to get down. At the moment I feel a little like I’m throwing everything into the pot and I think a fair bit will be cut later on when I edit this draft.

I was thinking I was getting close to where I’d need to copy the bulk of the middle of the first draft into the second, but I think I’ll have a little more building up to that point now. Mainly character stuff I think, but we’ll see.

Right, I’m off to do a little world building.

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