I haven’t really spoken here much about Deadpool and just how much I love this movie. I know that puts me in with a lot of people because let’s face it, the movie rocks and that’s been reflected by how much cash it’s made.

When it first got announced that Deadpool was finally coming to the big screen I was cautiously optimistic. After Fox’s last attempt at Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I think I was right to feel a little cautious. All the set photos that got released looked pretty cool, but what really blew up for me was the trailer! Damn that kicked ass! After that and the subsequent trailers and all of the advertising for Deadpool, I was really pumped.

I wasn’t disappointed. Right from the credits I was laughing, and it just got funnier and funnier. I liked the storyline and how it was laid out. The characters around Deadpool were  good and all of the actors held their own very well. Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool, period. Morena Baccarin looked like she had a lot of fun as Vanessa. I’m not gonna list all of the characters and the actors, but they all kicked ass. I think they understood what the director and writers were aiming for.

Now I’ve only read a little of the comics, and I’ve played the Deadpool game on Xbox 360, so I know the character a bit but I wouldn’t say I’m a die hard fan, but from what I know of Deadpool I don’t think I could have wanted this movie any different. It wasn’t only funny but it was funny to the point of bad taste at times, but it worked. Not once did it apologise for itself in anyway and it wasn’t scared to push past that bad taste line. The reason why it worked so well was because they didn’t hold back. It’s Deadpool, it’s meant to be like this and that’s why they managed to pull it off.

I did go and see it twice, and I will be buying the Blu-Ray when it comes out. There’s a lot of big movies and TV events come this year that I’m excited about and Deadpool has set the bar very high.

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