This Last Week

This last week has felt a little sluggish. I’ve finally merged the new beginning of last years NaNoWriMo story with the middle section of the original draft. I’ve also broken it down into potential chapters and scenes, it really is a mess. I was planning to have each chapter as a character’s point of view but if I do that then a story that I’m not sure will pass the 50k mark would have far too many chapters. So I’ve got to rethink that idea a little. I don’t want to be jumping to and throw between the characters too much. If I do that than it’ll get confusing, which it is now to be honest. I do know how I want to end it, but I want to get what I’ve already got cleaned up and in good shape before I work on the ending.

As I’ve not been writing on that I’ve started a short story of something that I wrote a long time ago but never done anything with. The initial idea came from a friend who had to write a short story for university or something and they showed me it and I really liked what she did and asked if I could have the freedom to play with it. I’ve got a draft of it on a memory stick somewhere, but I think I’ve kept the essence of the original idea. It’s something a little different to what I normally write, so it’s been a lot of fun. I’m not going to throw myself into this big time, it’s something that I’m working on during my work lunch breaks as my main WIP is on Scrivener on my desktop.

Elsewhere I’m still adding little notes to various world building and outlining files. Owen and I aren’t planning on writing anything new until November when the final draft of Project Delphi will be written. In the meantime we’ll be working on Delphi’s outline and general world building details. Although this story takes place in the same one that Project Apollo does, it’s kind of it’s own beast and we’ve got a lot to play with on it. So we’re going to be working on a lot of minor details as well as the bigger elements.

That’s been my last week. It hasn’t been as productive as I’d have liked; far too many evenings watching The Big Bang Theory. This coming week I’ll hopefully have this short story nearly wrapped up and have made some good progress on the WIP.


The picture is unrelated to writing, but is a gorgeous view from the front of my house of a winter’s sunrise.

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