Good Morning, Monday! 

 I’m more than a little pumped today; as there is less than a week to go till the new season of Daredevil goes live on Netflix! And I’ve just realised I’ve got a strategy session with Owen on Friday, which I’m sure is the date Daredevil goes live….. But Owen and I need to touch base and update each other on the progress we’re making on various pieces. One thing I think we’ve got to work on is timeline details; we’ve got a couple of stories essentially in the can but we need to lockdown the dates that they take place. I’d like to do that soon so we’re clear on when other stories are going to take place. 

The short story I’m working on is almost done. I’m thinking it’ll get wrapped up today or tomorrow. I’d like it done by Thursday so I can start typing it up while at a write-in. I’m not a hundred per cent sure how I’m going to end it, but I’ve got a vague idea and will see how it pans out while scratching paper with ink.

I spent some time yesterday on last years NaNo, it’s still in a mess but I’m getting a better idea of what I’ve got to do to get it cleaned up. Hopefully over the next couple of days I’ll get this phase done and I can start on the next part and actually start putting it right as opposed to just looking and figuring out what needs doing. 

So a busy week coming; I’m determined not to wimp out and find excuses at the end of the week as to why I haven’t done much. 

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