Last Sunday I got home around about 1:30am and was in bed by 2am at the latest, but I didn’t drop off to sleep for a good hour, hour and a half; and was then up at about 6am. I figured I had, at most, about three hours sleep. Then I wrote 2200 words in about three hours, finishing the draft in the process. Then I was out Monday evening for a meal with friends. Tuesday I was at the cinema to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (it was like the first one, not very memorable. The original two films I recall from the nineties were more memorable). Wednesday night I was at a Write-In with some members of my local NaNoWriMo group. Let’s add in the day job as well, we’re as busy there as we always are. So that’s taking energy. So on Thursday I decided I needed a quiet weekend in. I work Saturday’s till 3pm and then I’d have the weekend to chill out. Yesterday I woke up at 4:11am….. and today I woke up at 4:04am. Really body, really?

So, I’m feeling tired, and I promise not to whine about it anymore, today.

I haven’t done a whole lot of writing this week. Mainly it’s been little bits I’ve added to the FanFiction piece I’ve been working on. I did try and get stuck into the outline for the piece Owen and I will be working on but I’m waiting on something from him before I can continue. I’m going to start a red-pen edit of the piece I finished last Sunday. That’s last years NaNoWriMo novel, and I’m pretty sure it’s far from my best work but it’s taught me quite a lot and it has inspired so many more ideas that I’d like to explore in the future. I am half tempted to leave it as it is and move onto the next thing, but the next thing isn’t ready to go yet, and I’ve got to learn how to take a story from the original idea to a somewhat finished book, regardless of whether I think it’s any good or not. I haven’t really done that on this scale for a long time. Mostly it’s been short story length pieces that I’ve done it on and I think there are going to be a number of lessons to be learned from this next stage of the process.

So I’ll be looking to get stuck into that today. I will also do some work on the fan fiction piece, mainly because I want to write everyday. I didn’t write yesterday and it feels weird; it was probably the first time that I haven’t written in a good four, maybe five weeks. I feel like I’m getting into a habit of it now and I really don’t want to lose that, even if it’s only a handful of words I’m putting down. I’m going to try and get into some serious brainstorming for what I think may be quite a big story I’ll be working on, possibly early next year. I had an idea recently and it’s been rolling around in my brain an little and I’d like to sit down and get some more bits down on paper.

Right, that’s enough of talking about what I want to to, time to actually do some of it.

Have a good Sunday, everybody.

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