Still Tired

Yep, still tired but not as drained as I was feeling yesterday.

I wrote on Sunday that I was starting the editing the second draft of last years NaNoWriMo novel which I finished recently. I’m reading it out loud as I go because I’ve heard so many writers stating that it’s a great way to pick out mistakes as the story will sound different when read aloud, especially dialogue.

My plan was to do thrity pages on Sunday, but twenty pages in I was getting quite a bad headache so I stopped for the day. I had a little break after that and then did some work on the fanfic piece. The only thing I didn’t do any work on was the brainstorming for what’ll probably be my next big project.

Last night I did a few pages of the read through but not many. It’s surprising how much time it does take, and I think I’ll be aiming to do five pages a night and maybe double that at the weekend. I expect I’ll get quicker at it as time passes but I’m happy to spend the time at the moment as I’m trying to be thorough and do a decent job of it. 

I didn’t do any other writing yesterday, so today I’m going to make sure I do some fanfic today so I keep that momentum of writing (almost) everyday going. 

Have a good day, everybody! 

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