1st January 2017

I’m writing this post earlier than I normally do, but I think I’m done writing for the day.

I’ve been on and off scribbling a few words for most of the day, but I’ve been sitting down with family so I’ve been distracted as I’ve been writing. I have written 695 words today, and I was going to try and push forward to 1000 words but I felt like I was forcing it too much, and it wasn’t feeling very good. So I’ll wrap for the day.

Other days I’d try and push on and try to get the 1000 words, but I feel like I can’t see where I want to go with this next part of the story. I’ve had this feeling before and have pushed through and kept writing but between finishing writing on the day and then starting again the next day I’d not feel happy with it and when I look back at it I pretty much rewrite it all.

Right, I’m going to chill out for the rest of the day and tomorrow I’ll be at my desk and will be having a decent whack at writing for a good few hours at least. I will be writing a blog post looking back at the last twelve months as well, in the next few days.

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