22nd January 2017

Today I have been a full slacker. I’ve written 303 words on Penal Earth for the day, and thats it. I struggled to get a start this morning. I just let myself get distracted by too many little distractions first thing this morning. What I should of done was sat at my desk and if I couldn’t get rolling with Penal Earth I should of switched over to a different project and worked on that for a little while. Instead I’ve lounged around all day binge watching Parks and Recreation.

I don’t know if I’m just wiped out from a busy week, or if I’ve hit a bump in Penal Earth. Tomorrow though I’m just going to get my head down and focus. I’ve got the red-pen edit of The Space Watch to begin and I’ll be doing what I can on Penal Earth during my lunch break.

One of my aims of this year was to be more consistent with writing. I want to make sure I’m writing each day, and today was the first time this year that I thought I wouldn’t be able to get any words written. I would have liked to have written more, but I got a few down. I do need to try harder though.

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