Good Morning, Sunday-16/6/17

It’s been another week where it’s felt like I’ve slacked off, which I have done but I’ve still managed to write 4321 words during the week. Here’s a quick breakdown: Sunday 9th- 1189 and 546 (two sittings), Monday 10th-335 and 399 (two sittings), Tuesday 11th- 356, Wednesday 12th- 256, 0 words on Thursday and Friday (13th and 14th), then yesterday I wrote 572 and 688, again two sittings.

Something I’m noticing is as the week is coming to an end my word counts are dropping, but this last week might not be a good scale for watching my productivity. On Monday night I went to the cinema to see Baby Driver (really good and a movie with a fresh tone to it). Tuesday I went and saw Spider-Man:Homecoming (again, a really good movie that had a lot of laughs in it and a really good twist that I didn’t see coming). Wednesday I went to the monthly Write-In at Bluewater, but most of that was just chatting. Thursday and Friday I was home and last night I went to see some friends.

If this is a pattern where the words drop off towards the end of the week then I’m going to try and up my word counts at the start of the week so I’m a little closer to that 5k at the end of the week.

Something I think I need do more of is getting up early and writing. Even if it’s just half an hour it’s still a few more words each day, and I’m finding I’m in a much better frame of mind when I do. I’m much more calmer and relaxed, and lets face it, the world needs a little more calmness these days.

I have stuttered a little with the fan fiction piece this week. I’ve got to a point where I’m re-writing and editing huge scenes and when I first look at them it can seem a little intimidating, but yesterday I found it a lot easier to write and not nearly as daunting. With outlining I’ve been a little lax with, but I’ve made a few notes on what I’m hoping will be a big trilogy for me and I’ve had further thoughts on how to improve my zombie story as well as a couple of notes for The Space Watch.

It’s definitely been a slower week, but I’m producing and still moving forward, albeit at a bit of a crawl at times.



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