Good Morning, Sunday 10-9-17

This last week writing has felt good. I’ve written every day and am finding time to write easily. My word counts for the week are: Sunday-700, Monday-250, Tuesday-600, Wednesday-150, Thursday-1300, Friday-500, and Saturday-1050. Thats a total of 4550 words for the week. Which is 350 up from the week before.

Although I am up on the previous weeks count I did still have a couple of days where the word count was low. I’m not too concerned with the 250 on Monday. I’m thinking that’ll be a good minimum to aim for a day, and some Monday’s just feel a little odd at times. Wednesday was a one off, I hope. Firstly I was suffering with the kidney stone, and secondly we had an additional Write-In at the regular Bluewater meet as one of our small group of regulars is moving away to study and she wouldn’t have been able to make the regular one before she moved. She is really going to be missed as she’s a great person and the Write-Ins won’t be the same without her.

With this WIP I’ve found the words are coming pretty well, but when I sat down to write yesterday evening it took me quite a while to get going. I wrote maybe 100, 120 words that I crossed out as they weren’t right. But I did get going after a little while and had a very decent couple of hours. I ended the session with throwing a huge hurdle in the way of my characters. So I’m looking forward to getting stuck into it in a little while.

I have had a change in mindset recently, I’m really enjoying writing again and am writing in most little moments of time that I find I have. I would like to get into a routine in the evenings though and get to the point where I’m wrapping up my work for the night and then chill out with a movie or a few episodes of TV before a chapter or two of a book, and then bed.

I am not getting up as early as I was, I’m finding I can still get words down when I get up at my normal time. I doubt there’s much difference between getting up earlier or at my normal time when it comes to word counts. What I think is more beneficial is that I’ve got a start for the day. When I get going during my lunch break it’ll be somewhat fresh in my mind what I was looking at when I looked at the WIP in the morning. The trick is finding the right balance. I’m honestly not sure its worth loosing up to an hours sleep in the morning just for a few more words and then feeling extremely drained come the end of the week.

Right, a little tidying and then I can get some words written.

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