Progress Report

There’s been very little progress.

I could leave it at just that but I’m not going to. I’m taking this month off from Project Apollo because I was struggling badly with it. The last chapter I wrote wasn’t acceptable at all. It was lazy, badly written and didn’t move the story along in the manner that Owen and I wanted it to.

My struggles with it was causing me sleepless nights and was causing a noticeable amount of stress. It wasn’t until a close personal friend sat me down and told me to take a breather from it that I realised how much it was affecting me. When I spoke to Owen about it he agreed that a break was needed.

Come next month we’re going to sit down and have a strategy meeting and read through what we have so far to make sure it’s on the right track and try to plot out the next segment of the story. I think this may be the hardest part as we’re entering the middle of the story and we need to advance in the right way so it ties in with the ending we have in mind.

Since the month has started I’ve thought a lot about the story and the surrounding universe and I’ve managed to come up with a few solutions to problems we’d not been able to solve. I think relieving that pressure of getting it written unblocked my mind a little.

I haven’t stopped writing totally though; I’ve gone back to working on the Avoiding The Game rewrite and I’ve solved the problem I was having with that. This rewrite is a totally different pace to Project Apollo which has been a breath of fresh air and I’m actually thinking about starting to type it up (so far its all been written in longhand). I’ve got a much better idea of my protagonist now and I’m happy with the reasoning for some of the actions that other characters do. After chatting with a friend today I’ve solved a problem with my protagonists past that was bothering me.

I am in a slump. I know I am because I’ve been here before and I’m trying to pull myself out of it. I’m happier when I’m writing, I’m more at peace and it energises me like nothing else. So over the next week I’m going to work hard on getting back into the habit of working on writing. I’ve got brainstorming to do, notes to type up. My vampire collection needs editing and I’ve got fiction to write.

I’m going to try and blog more as well. I find that being productive with my fiction and blogging seem to go hand in hand, so I’m going to make more of an effort to post here as well.

A Productive Day

Despite what I wrote here yesterday I didn’t do any writing at all. I spent the day playing Football Manager and watching the score lines from the final day of the premier league season coming in.

Yes, I felt bad and very lazy about this.

Today though, I wrote 3100 words by about 1pm and then this afternoon I read through some Beta Reader notes for my vampire collection.

I emailed the latest, completed chapter off to Owen and I’m eagerly waiting to see what he thinks.

Now, as I said yesterday I think I’m only going to be able to work on Project Apollo when I have access to the Scrivener files, so why I’m on my lunch breaks at work I’m going to get back to working on the Avoiding The Game rewrite and I’m going to try and write on Project Apollo in the evenings. At worst I’m going to try and get a few thousand words done on Sundays.

But I’ll see how that goes 🙂

Looking Back At March

Last month was a good month. I managed to get back into my groove and I managed to write 20655 words during the month. Most of those have been on the Avoiding The Game rewrite, but I’ve put that on the back burner a little and I’ve dived into the Project Apollo rewrite. I’m hand writing the fourth chapter and am typing up the third chapter at the moment. I haven’t yet gained the momentum on it I’d like to have done, but doing the initial draft on paper is slowing me down a little. It’s worth it though I think as when I’m typing it up I’m adding and rewriting where its needed. So hopefully it’s a much tighter draft.

Owen has been happy with what I’ve gotten done so far, he obviously has notes but we’ll get those added in when we work on the second draft. We both know the story very well, and Owen is going to keep me on track to make sure I don’t wonder off track too much. There are elements that we don’t agree on, but they are not anything that can’t be fixed in the editing phase.

On a personal level I just want a draft done. The first attempt at this story was a couple of years ago and isn’t that good. We have a lot of faith in the story, but our characters need a little work and the universe desperately needed some depth added to it. Since that draft was done Owen and I have spent a lot of time on universe building and I think we’re going to be able to flesh the story out with the details that’ll help the reader sink into the setting better.

Overall I think March was a good month, I wrote a lot of words and felt good about what I wrote. Now I’m aiming at building from last month and try to pick up a decent momentum going into April. Owen and I have set a deadline to have this Project Apollo draft done which is the 1st of June.

Getting Out Of This Rut

I’m almost raring to go this morning. I’ve got a few bits and pieces to do out in the garden this morning and I’d like to watch a little football this afternoon but I really want to get some words down. I feel like I’m coming out of this rut but it’s been more of a slow process than just flicking a switch.

I REALLY need to get myself out of this rut, it’s begining to drive me crazy and the longer I’m in it the harder it’s going to be to get myself out of it. I keep thinking I’m almost out of it but then I hit a little roadblock and that’s it, I loose my rythm and that knocks me off the horse for a few days.

So, this week I’m going to make a concetrated effort to get words written. I’ve got both the AVG and Project Apollo rewrites to work on, so if I get stuck on one of those I can switch over to the next one. I’ve also got planning work for The Residents to do, as well as a couple of blog posts that I want to write as well. And I’ve got Beta Reader’s notes to read through on my Vampire series.

I’ve got enough to do, and I know this rut isn’t the dreaded writers block (which I don’t think is something that I’m gonna suffer from) I think it’s a mental barrier that I’ve built up after Earth, After Liberation crashed and burned. I had a rough outline of three books and I was all set on getting them written this year and hopfully start getting them published. That was my plan for the start of the year, and now its all out of the window.

I don’t know if this is something that other writers experience, but I’ve got to get out of this rut and start building my confidence up again, and today’s the day I’m going to start.

A Little Hit and Miss

This is just going to be a short post. I’ve had a quiet week, well month to be honest, with writing. I’ve eased off the AVG rewrite simply because I’m not sure about the pacing of A revelation for the characters that I’m at and I want to think it through A little before continuing.

I have attempted to write a really short little story in mine and Owen’s Project Apollo universe, but that really didn’t go well, so I stopped that and am currently making an attempt to get Project Apollo started again. It’s early stages yet, but its feeling both good and bad. I’ve got the first chapter done, which has come up shorter then I thought it would but I’ll be typing it up tomorrow and getting it of to Owen for his additions.

I’ve got a bit of a busy day tomorrow, but I’m hoping to be able to get a bit of writing done. I still feel like I’m in this slump that Earth, After Liberation has left me in, but I’m seeing a few signs that I’m coming out of it.

This Chapter Is Kicking My…….

Okay, my second attempt at getting this chapter done has not worked out. I’m okay with the quality of the writing but not the content. This chapter is going to be one of the most important parts of the novel, and will hopefully be very emotional. But it’s not working out how I want it to. I think I’m still a little too fond of the way I originally executed this part of the story but that won’t really work with how this re-write is working out.

I have got an idea of how I want to work this out now, but I’m still not sure how happy I’ll be with it. It’s kind of a combination of the two ways that I’ve attempted to write it so far. This will be the final attempt at writing it and whatever I write will stay wheher I like it or not until I start on the typing up of this story. I don’t want to get stuck just re-writing this one chapter because I’ll be here forever otherwise.

A Quick Update

Evening all, I just wanted to post a very quick update here. I managed just over 1200 words tonight. This is the first time I’ve written properly for a few days and I’m still not overly happy with how chapter four is taking shape, but I’m happier with this version than I was with the last attempt. I’m going to run with it for the moment and see how it feels when I start typing it up.

That’s all there is to say really. Work is still being done on Project Apollo and The Residents, but the Avoiding The Game re-write is what my main focus is on. I am planning on spending some time in the next week or two on both Project Apollo and The Residents, respectively. I’ve got a few notes I need to scribble down and a few ideas I want to think through for both projects.

I will wrap this up by giving a quick word count update: For the year I’m now on 31000 words. That’s not anywhere near where I was planing to be but I think it’s still pretty good.