Good Afternoon, 12-3-22

Hey Folks,

How are we all doing today? I wrote about 600 words during the write in this morning. And I’ve also had a bit of a sort out of my desk this afternoon. I feel a little more organised now.

The gears are really beginning to turn at the moment and I’m getting really eager to wrap up Zombie, Penal Earth, and Black Blood. Other stories are really shouting at me and it is very much time I put these three longer term project to bed.

Right, have an awesome afternoon and evening folks. I’ve got a long day at work tomorrow so likely won’t be posting then but will be writing at some point.

Good Morning 12th March 2022

Good Morning, Folks!

I hope we’re all well?

I am up, I’m almost awake and very nearly ready to get writing for the day. I have an online write-in with my local NaNo group this morning and I’m hoping to be able to get some strong progress with this zombie ending rewrite. I’d really like to be done with it in the next couple of days and get that scratched off my to-do list.

My desk chair recently broke so I’m using a folding dining table one, and boy is it no comfy! So I’m hoping this’ll spur on the urge to get as much done as quickly as possible, while still retaining the quality. Wish me luck with that one!

I’m also itching to get into the edit passes of the other stories that are screaming at me. So again, I’m eager to get Zombie wrapped but I can’t rush it and need to make sure the quality stays there. That’s what I’m trying to focus on at the moment. Making sure it’s gripping, that the reader can’t take their eyes away from the words. I’m anxious I’m not pulling it off, but until it’s done and typed up and I’ve let it rest for a week or two I don’t feel I should be judging it. Even then that’s when I need to send it off to Beta readers and see what their thoughts are.

Okay, I’m off to get cracking. The write-in starts in half an hour and I’d like to get next week mapped out before that starts.

I hope you all have an awesome weekend. Even if it’s chaotically busy try and make a little time for a little self care and some time with loved ones.

Rock on, folks!


Good Afternoon -22/2/22

Howdy folks, how are we all doing?

After a few days off I edited 3410 words of the zombie book yesterday and another 5950 today.

This one has been intimidating me for a while and yesterday I just tossed myself into it otherwise I’d never have gotten it done. I’ve got about 10k left to go so I should be done by the weekend. Then I’m going to sit on it for a month maybe, and then go through it again. I’ve been working from editors notes on it and I hope that I’m making it better. Time will tell.

I did finish another short story first draft last week. I now have two I need to type up soon. I’m going to let them sit for a few weeks before I do though, hopefully this’ll give me a more objective approach for the second drafts.

Right, that’s all for now.

Be kind, be safe, be true.

My assistant isn’t very happy 😆

Good Evening, 15th February 2022

Hey folks, how are we all?

Today I’ve written 1061 words in total. Most of those were this evening during an online write-in, and I’m very weary down with the first draft of the story. There’s one character whose story needs wrapping up, and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to do that but I’m going to think on it for a couple of days.

Tomorrow I’m going to be starting a new short story, well it’s a second draft of one that I’ve already written for an anthology but I’m not overly happy with it.

I’ve now got two short stories that are hand written this year that I need to type up, but I’m going to sit on them for a month or two and then type them up. I want to let them settle before the next stage.

Not a bad day all in all.

Have a good one, folks!

Good Morning, 20th January 2022

Good morning folks! how are we all doing today.

I managed to get 372 words written yesterday after quite a busy but good day.

I’m still working on ‘Oliver’ and I’m managing to get past scenes I’m not happy with. I’ve realised I’ve been giving up on a lot of projects when I get stuck but with Oliver I’ve been making notes as I write on whether I’m going to keep a scene or not, or even a whole storyline. At the moment with this story I’ve got a part of the plot that I think if I drop, or hold it back until later in the story, it’s going to make the suspense better, a certain plot point come out of the blue a little more. I also think it’s going to be a little different from the other stories that will be in this universe.

Zombie does need getting sorted. I’ve been putting it off and I’ve realised just how intimidated I am by it. A few months ago I was ready to rock and roll with the changes, but a lot has happened in that time that required my focus. I’m learning how to work that focus better and I’m going to be getting Zombie done (and dusted! it’s long overdue now) very soon.

I’ll be off to work soon, I’ve ticked almost everything off my to-do list which isn’t writing related, so now I’ can start writing for a little before lunch and then getting ready for work.

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Good Evening, 17th Of January 2022

Good Evening, folks! How are we all doing?

I scratched out 120 words today during my break. I was going to do more whenI got home but I found I had a lot of little bits and pieces to sort out. Some of that was quite therapeutic though. Especially so furniture dismantling I was doing. I’m realising doing practical things is really good for my soul.

Tomorrow, there will be more practical things, but also writing. I’m off tomorrow so there will be plenty of time to be cracking on with all the bits and pieces I need to and get some words written or edited. I’m going to be looking at getting this final draft of Zombie done. I’ve had the editors notes for a long time and I need to get cracking with them. I finally have the time and the mental capacity to get those down.

I have set up a Ko-fi page. I still have my Buy Me A Coffee account, but I’ve had a few minor problems with it and wanted to set up another crowd sourcing account in case I decided to move away from BMAC some where down the line. It’s a never leave your eggs in one basket sorta thing.

Right, I’m off to watch a movie. Have an awesome evening, folks!

Good Evening 5th Of January 2022

Good evening, folks! How are we all doing tonight?

I am shattered! Had my first early start this morning since New Years Eve and boy am I feeling it. Once this post is written I’ll be getting settled for the night and watch then watch a movie and let myself wind down for the night.

I have written today, I got a nice 541 on a short story that feels like it’s expanding well. I’ve got no idea where it’s going but I’m enjoying the mystery as I’m writing it.

I’ve been meaning to watch Blade Runner 2049 again, but still haven’t got around to it. I will in the next few days hopefully. It’s a film that I’m keen to revisit and see how I feel about on, I think this’ll be my third viewing. It’s one I want to sit down and focus on and let myself be absorbed into it.

Right, I’m going to wrap for the night. I’ve got a couple of little bits to do before I can properly settle down for the night. I’m aiming to be in bed and asleep by ten! Wish me luck!

Good Evening, 4th of January 2022

Good evening folks, how are we all doing?

It’s been a pretty good day, I’ve written 424 words and (finally) worked through my emails that had been building up. I’ve spent a bit of time on GTAV, particularly grinding today. That’s basically just earning money. I did spend some money modding a car and I managed to recoup that and then took my balance above where it had been when I started the session.

I’ve got an early start, so I’m going to do the dishes and then watch Ready Player One.

Have an awesome evening, folks!

Good Morning! 4th of January 2022

Howdy folks! How are we all doing today?

Yesterday I wrote about 700 words on two different stories. One of which feels like it’s come to an end while the other is just getting started.

The one that feels like it’s come to an end doesn’t feel finished. I’ve got an ending but I feel like there is more story to tell. I’ve got A few little snippets whispering to me for it so I’m just going to listen to them, let their voices come through a little clearer before I start pushing them.

I’m trying to listen to these characters before I dive in and start trying to tell their story. This isn’t like a whisp of an idea or a line of dialogue. I’ve got a nice start to this story, and I’ve told one characters story already, but there’s other stories to tell here and I need to take the time to listen to them before I start trying to tell them.

4th of December 2021

I was going to have an off day, let some more of upcoming projects process but I ended up writing about 200 words.

Typically those words flowed really well now that NaNo is over!

Right, night all!