Putting Notes Together

I’d set aside tonight to work on putting together all my electronic and handwritten notes that I have on The Residents, and I’ve got to say how much easier it is putting all of the data together. Chrystalyn and I have spent many hours brainstorming (a quick ten minute brainstorming on Skype often turns into at least an hour conversation) and we’ve got a lot of the world building and character work done. The story is pretty well thought out as well and I think the next big part of that is working out a timeline for the story. That’s not something I’ve done so I need to look into it a little and see what tips I can pick up.

I still need to get the handwritten notes added to the file and work my way through the files to clear out any repetition that there is bound to be in all the copy and pasting I’ve done tonight. A lot of the notes I’ve got are a little cluttered so there is some repetition that I need to work through. But I’ll do that once I’ve been through and added all my hand written notes, and then it’s off to Chrystalyn so she can add anything I’ve missed 🙂


I’ve been trying to get some work done on Earth, After Liberation today but I just can’t get going on it. Instead of making changes I seem to have been just skimming through it. I think a little of this is the sheer amount of work I’ve got to do to get it into a reasonable condition which is disheartening but I think a little of it is also I’ve been doing work on Project Apollo and have spent some time on Skype talking to Chrystalyn about The Residents this week. So that’s been on my mind a fair bit too.

Although I have done some writing work this week I’m also thinking that I’ve been on holiday mode. I’m off from the day job this week so most of my thoughts are drifting to chilling out and watching movies (been to the cinema twice this week).

I’ve needed the rest if I’m honest, I’ve been feeling the fatigue of every day life recently and although I feel bad I could do with the chilling out time. (that said give it an hour and I’ll be working on something again).

Earth, After Liberation is troubling me, I know there’s a good story there but it’s a lot of work to tidy it up. I know I’ll get there but it just feels ‘Meh’ at the moment.


I’ll stop whining now 😛

Time To Get Cracking

It’s the second day of my week off from the day job and after flaking out for most of yesterday I’m going to get cracking with putting a dent into this edit pass of Earth, After Liberation. I’m up to chapter eleven and I’d like to think that I’m going to hit chapter thirty by the end of the day.

I will be taking a few minutes (it’ll probably be much more then a few minutes to be honest) out to have a chat with Chrystalyn about The Residents.

It would be great if I could spend a lot of time on getting a lot of progress made on various projects this week, but I’ve got to take into consideration that I haven’t had a week off since last summer (2013). I’ve hd a few days here and there and a couple of weekends away but none of those I really took the time to relax. So this week I am going to focus on resting my body, mind and soul. This year has been one of the most up and down of my life so I’m going to take these few days and recharge. In November I’ve got another week off and that will be focused on writing as November is, of course, NaNoWriMo.


Now I’m going to get cracking with this edit pass. What are you ladies and gents up to today?

Break Down Is Done

The last ten thousand words of Earth, After Liberation have ben broken down into chapter sections and now its’ ready for me to go through it. I’m going to give it a couple of day before I start that though as I need to spend a little time on Project Apollo and The Residents before I get stuck into it again on Monday.

For now though, I’m off to settle in with Old Man’s War by John Scalzi


I’ve now broken up thirty chapters of Earth, After Liberation and hopefully I’ll get another ten done tomorrow but we’ll have to wait and see. This is actually a little demoralising as I’d hoped to be getting stuck into the edit of this but its in such a mess that just doing an edit isn’t worth it with getting it all broken up and figuring out what needs to be expanded upon, what needs cutting and what needs to be just tweaked.

I am kicking myself if I’m honest. This needed to have been sorted out long ago, I should have gotten into it in January and not looking at it now to try and fix it so I’m ready to write the sequel for NaNo this year. As the story isn’t changing I can still get the sequel done for NaNo but I can’t guarantee this will be done by November.

As I was sprinting with my local NaNo Facebook group I found myself jealous of the fact I’m not getting words written, and I mean big chunks of words and not just edit ones. That’ll have to wait for either November and NaNoWriMo or when Chrystalyn and I get going on The Residents, whichever comes first.

I’m now done for the evening; I’m going to flake out for a little while before going to bed. Tomorrow is a new day and I have the day job to go to and then I’ll be working on Earth, After Liberation again.

More Work Then I’d Expected

My plan for today was to get stuck into making the changes I’ve made when red-penning to Earth, After Liberation. I’d figured if I did ten pages a day I’ll be done in about two weeks, but I’d hoped for a good start today. It didn’t work out like that. As I started to look through the first page I realised I had a story, but it had no structure, I didn’t even have chapters!

So, instead of making the edit notes I’ve spent a fair part of the day figuring out where to put a chapter break, and making the odd edit here and there. Once I’ve finished putting this into some sort of structure I’ll print it all off and red-pen it all again. I’ve also got to go and do some location scouting, all of which is near me and within a forty minute drive. The story is well planted in my head though so aside from one big change in the story, which is more of a location change then a story change, theres not a whole lot I have to do. I’m confident of the story and although I may add some content here and there I’m not going to change the direction much. One area I will be focussing on will be some scenes where I feel I’ve been lazy and explained briefly events instead of showing them. I’m only about ten thousand words into working out the structure and I can see I’ve done it far too much already.

I’d like to say I’ll have the structuring done this coming week but I’m not setting a hard target with that. I’ve got The Residents and Project Apollo jumping about my head as well so they may demand attention.

Speaking of The Residents; I spent most of last night working through the timeline of events from the bullet points I wrote down recently and found more then a few holes but I’ve found it helped out quite a lot.

Last week I also had my first bit of feedback from Beta readers on my Vampire collection 🙂

I know these last two items weren’t related to Earth, After Liberation but I forgot to put them in last nights post 😛

Last Week

This last week has not been very productive. Aside from Wednesday when I went to a write-in with my local NaNo group I haven’t really done much writing. Monday, I really can’t remember what I done. Tuesday I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy (yes, again) with a friend and on Thursday I was out with my work colleagues for a meal. Last night I was really wiped out so i just chilled out and watched RoboCop (2014) again.

Once I got home this afternoon I cleaned out the hen houses (we’ve just brought five more chickens) and I’ve watched the football and worked on the timeline for The Residents. Now I’m watching The Birdcage.

So basically I’ve done pretty much sod all this last week, so this coming week I need to pull my finger out and get cracking. I’ve decided what to do for my NaNo novel for this coming November, which is the sequel to what I wrote last year; Earth, After Liberation. So this next week I’m going to be going through my edit notes and make the changes I want to last years NaNo novel. The beginning of the follow on novel has been in my head since last year. I’ve decided to do this one because it’s in a universe that I’ve already created and as I’ve got The Residents and Project Apollo quite actively on my mind I don’t want to have to start from scratch with something new.

I really need to get stuck bad into Old Man’s War by John Scalzi. I’m enjoying this one but as I’ve had a busy week I haven’t found the time to read much.


I’m going to end on a sad note. I, like many people, grew up watching Robin Williams entertaining the world. Whether it was Mrs. Doubtfire, Jack, Jumanji, Patch Adams or my personal favourite, The Birdcage. I’m not going to get into how he died or what may have lead to his death. To me he was a once in a generation talent who could not only add the comedy but also the drama.

I’m going to miss seeing him on our screens.

Rest In Peace Mr. Williams

State Of Play

This week has been very random with what I’ve been working on; after getting my vampire collection off to Beta readers I found I felt a little lost but I got some bits on Project Apollo done and I’ve spent a little bit of time working out the key plot points for The Residents, this wasn’t actual planning but just listing down the key plot points that take place in the story. I’ve spent a little time doing a bit of research but that was mainly looking at pictures of abandoned theme parks but I need to actually do some reading research on a number of topics that will be needed for The Residents.

Owen and I spent a fair bit of time talking last night about Project Apollo and the universe it’s based in. Although we have a lot of data about this universe we do need to work out a lot more of the details within the universe to make things work better. We’ve got a lot of different elements here and working them all in-together is going to be challenging and interesting.

So what’s next? well I’m working on a few little bits for Project Apollo, just mainly trying to find the right voice and feel for it. I’ve got two short stories that need a quick little edit pass to just tidy them up, I’ve got another short story that I want to look at and all but re-write it but I’ll see if I can make the changes I want without the re-write if I can. But I think it’ll be The Residents that is the next big one. Both Chrystalyn and I are keen to get cracking with this and we’ll be spending time working out timelines and detailing the plot more. Most of the characters are already pretty well fleshed out so until we start writing I don’t think we’ll learn a huge amount more about them. It’ll be great to get actually writing with this. It’s a very exciting story we’re creating.


Something I did find out last week which almost made me wet myself with excitement is the news that there is a NEW Gaunt’s Ghosts novel out next year by Dan Abnett!!!!! I was dancing around the house and I was almost overwhelmed by that excitement. So I went over to the Black Library (the publisher) website and discovered there is a number of short stories involving these characters there! I couldn’t find them on Amazon but I found them on iTunes so I downloaded them all to my iBooks. I am rather annoyed at myself that I did not know these existed but I’ve got them now and once I’ve finished Old Man’s War and read a short story and a novel by Terry Mixon I’m going to dive into them 🙂

The 2nd Draft is DONE!

Okay, so I should have written this on Sunday, but I forgot and the last couple of nights I’ve been busy.  As you can see by the title of this post I completed my 2nd draft of the vampire collection I’ve been working on and it’s now in the safe hands of Beta readers. I did have feedback on two of the stories from a friend and she said she loved them 🙂 ( I know you’re thinking ‘she’s his friend, she’s meant to love them.’ believe me, this friend would tell me if she didn’t like them).

Now I’m dancing between The Residents and Project Apollo; Chrystalyn and I would like to get started on The Residents soon so we’ll be aiming to up our planning in the next couple of weeks. The story and characters and the world building is pretty well thought through at this point so I think we’ll be focusing on planning and research. Project Apollo is growing well, despite the odd hiccup,  but I’m not sure when Owen and I will be looking at getting cracking with this again as we have a lot to do before we can start writing. We haven’t spoken of schedules yet but I’m not sure we’ll be ready to really jump in this side of December, if not early 2015. If I’m honest I want to spend most of my writing energy on The Residents and be doing the planning bits of Project Apollo around The Residents. This last ten days I’ve been editing the vampire collection and working on developing notes for Project Apollo. This seems to be quite a good way for me to work; having a primary project and a secondary project. I like having two projects on the go as when I get stuck on one I can flitter over to the second and then as I’ll be planning and not writing I can exercise a different part of my brain 🙂


That’s all for now, I’m going to shut everything down and get a chapter or two of Old Man’s War by John Scalzi read.


p.s. Guardians of the Galaxy was AMAZING!!!!!!!

Where I Am

Over the last few days I’ve been having a few ideas about Avoiding The Game, my first NaNoWriMo novel, and I can see some of the ways to fix it now, although I still don’t have an ending. I know how I want it to end, but I’m just not sure how to execute it.
As well as that I’ve been having a few good Ideas for Project Apollo. Mainly it’s little, character and world building scenes but I think they’ll help contribute to building the universe.

On Avoiding The Game though, this is a story I thought was dead in the water. I couldn’t see how I was going to fix it, I didn’t like my protagonist and I’d lost a fair bit of love for it. Now though, I think I can see a little light at the end of the tunnel and it may be worth looking at again on the near future. Before then though I want to get this Vampire collection done. I’ve got two short stories, Nine Hearts and Final Freedom, that just need a little tidying up. Then I got one which was kinda written on spec for something else but that never happened, so I’m going to go in and get working on the second draft and build from what I’ve already got. After that I’m looking at working on Earth, After Liberation done! That’ll probably be my big solo project for next year.
I’ll also squeeze in Project Apollo (with Owen Arnold) and The Residents (with Chrystalyn Hope) when the time comes.

So I loosely know what I’ll be working on in the foreseeable future, it’s nice knowing that as I can focus my attention on them. I do have to make sure I get things written down though. I’ve lost a couple of ideas on my Project Apollo over the last couple of days because I haven’t had a chance to write them down!