Time To Get Cracking

It’s the second day of my week off from the day job and after flaking out for most of yesterday I’m going to get cracking with putting a dent into this edit pass of Earth, After Liberation. I’m up to chapter eleven and I’d like to think that I’m going to hit chapter thirty by the end of the day.

I will be taking a few minutes (it’ll probably be much more then a few minutes to be honest) out to have a chat with Chrystalyn about The Residents.

It would be great if I could spend a lot of time on getting a lot of progress made on various projects this week, but I’ve got to take into consideration that I haven’t had a week off since last summer (2013). I’ve hd a few days here and there and a couple of weekends away but none of those I really took the time to relax. So this week I am going to focus on resting my body, mind and soul. This year has been one of the most up and down of my life so I’m going to take these few days and recharge. In November I’ve got another week off and that will be focused on writing as November is, of course, NaNoWriMo.


Now I’m going to get cracking with this edit pass. What are you ladies and gents up to today?


4 thoughts on “Time To Get Cracking

  1. I’m awaiting my book’s cover to format the ebook versions of my first book, a dark fantasy entitled Darkness Concealed. Still on schedule to release on September 23rd. Can’t wait!

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