I’ve now broken up thirty chapters of Earth, After Liberation and hopefully I’ll get another ten done tomorrow but we’ll have to wait and see. This is actually a little demoralising as I’d hoped to be getting stuck into the edit of this but its in such a mess that just doing an edit isn’t worth it with getting it all broken up and figuring out what needs to be expanded upon, what needs cutting and what needs to be just tweaked.

I am kicking myself if I’m honest. This needed to have been sorted out long ago, I should have gotten into it in January and not looking at it now to try and fix it so I’m ready to write the sequel for NaNo this year. As the story isn’t changing I can still get the sequel done for NaNo but I can’t guarantee this will be done by November.

As I was sprinting with my local NaNo Facebook group I found myself jealous of the fact I’m not getting words written, and I mean big chunks of words and not just edit ones. That’ll have to wait for either November and NaNoWriMo or when Chrystalyn and I get going on The Residents, whichever comes first.

I’m now done for the evening; I’m going to flake out for a little while before going to bed. Tomorrow is a new day and I have the day job to go to and then I’ll be working on Earth, After Liberation again.

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