The 2nd Draft is DONE!

Okay, so I should have written this on Sunday, but I forgot and the last couple of nights I’ve been busy.  As you can see by the title of this post I completed my 2nd draft of the vampire collection I’ve been working on and it’s now in the safe hands of Beta readers. I did have feedback on two of the stories from a friend and she said she loved them 🙂 ( I know you’re thinking ‘she’s his friend, she’s meant to love them.’ believe me, this friend would tell me if she didn’t like them).

Now I’m dancing between The Residents and Project Apollo; Chrystalyn and I would like to get started on The Residents soon so we’ll be aiming to up our planning in the next couple of weeks. The story and characters and the world building is pretty well thought through at this point so I think we’ll be focusing on planning and research. Project Apollo is growing well, despite the odd hiccup,  but I’m not sure when Owen and I will be looking at getting cracking with this again as we have a lot to do before we can start writing. We haven’t spoken of schedules yet but I’m not sure we’ll be ready to really jump in this side of December, if not early 2015. If I’m honest I want to spend most of my writing energy on The Residents and be doing the planning bits of Project Apollo around The Residents. This last ten days I’ve been editing the vampire collection and working on developing notes for Project Apollo. This seems to be quite a good way for me to work; having a primary project and a secondary project. I like having two projects on the go as when I get stuck on one I can flitter over to the second and then as I’ll be planning and not writing I can exercise a different part of my brain 🙂


That’s all for now, I’m going to shut everything down and get a chapter or two of Old Man’s War by John Scalzi read.


p.s. Guardians of the Galaxy was AMAZING!!!!!!!

Let’s Get This Sucker Done!

I have about 35-40 pages to edit on my vampire collection, then I’ll give it one quick pass over to make sure I’ve not left any red or green squiggly lines anywhere and then it’s off to Beta readers!
These edits have dragged out quite a bit and I’m very happy the end is in sight 🙂

A Quick Update

After a bit of a stutter when I finished the red-penning I managed to have a good day yesterday and tonight I’ve gotten through another one of these vampire stories. I’ve now done five of ten, I’m not saying I’m halfway through as I know some of the coming stories are in the six to seven thousand word range. I’d like to get another one done during the week nights and then hopefully get the rest wrapped up on Sunday.

Reading wise I’ve been getting stuck into Old Man’s War by John Scalzi and I’ve got to say this is a fantastic book and if it keeps it up I’l be very happy. I’ve read some good books this year and this one is easily up there so far 🙂

Speaking of which, I’m off to crack on reading it 🙂

Flash Post: Playlists

I hear a lot about writers burning playlists for when their writing and writing to music is something that can be very helpful but so far I’ve only really written to the albums i have and not cut any playlists for specific moods; mainly because I haven’t found the time to transfer my favourite albums and songs over to my iMac from my CDs. Once I’ve got this vampier collection done and off to Beta readers then I’ll spend an evening or two loading some up 🙂

A Quick Update

Hey guys and gals, I know I haven’t blogged much but I’ve been writing like there no to more on this vampire collection of mine. I’m going to try and blog a bit more over the next few weeks but I’m not going to promise anything; I’ve had fiction to write and that takes priority.
I’m almost done this first draft of this vampire collection now and I’m rather excited about it 🙂
Last month I knocked out a monster 28,000 words, which is my best non-NaNoWriMo month ever! A lot of thanks has to go to the support of my
Local NaNo group and all the sprints we’ve been doing. It’s amazing how motivating they are.
Once this draft is done I’m going to an edit pass, where I’ll do an out loud read as well and then it’s back to make the changes and then hopefully it’ll be ready for Beta readers 🙂

That’s my little ramble for the night, now I’m off to read before bed; night all 🙂

(Flash post, so please ignore any typos 🙂 )

Word Counts & Momentum

***Flash post, so please ignore the typos***

I’m a word count junkie, I love keeping track of how many words I’ve written per day for both fiction and blogging (if I could count social media posts, emails and text messaging I would!) I try not to let it dictate what I’m working on though. I may set a word count target when I’m writing but if the story doesn’t hit it then I’m not going to add fluff to just build the numbers up. I will also go over the target if I need to, a couple of weeks ago I went over by 1500 on a short story.
That said I have recently set myself a daily minimum of 500 words when I’m working on a first draft as I think that’s a target I should be able to hit easily enough (famous last words lol).
Over the last couple of days though I’ve done a bit of math and realised I’ve written 42,000 words since the start of March, and this month I’ve knocked out 20,000 words as I’ve been working on this vampire series. The reason why I’ve been able to do this is because I know the overall story arc, I know the locations it’s set in and I’ve found my desire to write again.

What have I learnt for this this? If I learn how to prepare better then there’s no reason why I can’t knock out a first draft of a novel length story in three months. But I need to keep this momentum as well as being prepared. Once I’ve got this draft done I’m going to straight away go over it with a red pen and make the changes that are needed, then I’ll send it off to beta readers. Then I’m not sure if I’m going to do another red-pen of last years NaNo project, Earth, After Liberation, or if I’m going to fine tune a couple of short stories I want to send off. I’ve also got collaborations I need to think about as well.
Whatever I work on though I’m not going to take a break as I don’t want to loose this momentum I’m getting.

Twists, Turns and Frustrations

Just a quick little post tonight.

I’m working on this vampire collection, although I’ve lost a bit of momentum since my mammoth 7553 words on Sunday, and as I’m moving along with it what I’m writing now is causing me problems with the final story in the collection. This story was the first piece of fiction I wrote in this universe and I’m really quite fond of it, and I’d hate to cut it out of this collection but if I have to I will. How it’s going to play out now though is I can keep it in but not how it’s sitting now. I’d have to re-work and downplay some of the elements in it to make it fit into the set nicely.

Time will tell though. I’ll see how it all clicks in and I’m confident in my Beta readers to tell me whether it does work or not.

That’s it for me, I’m winding with Pacific Rim before bed. Tomorrow I’m off out for the evening so I won’t get anything worked on. Saturday afternoon/evening I’m planning on having a tidy up and on Sunday I’m aiming to have another day writing 🙂

A Personal Best

Last night I totally flaked out. I was planning on making a start on the next story in this vampire series I’m working on but after being at work till 1pm and then sorting the henhouse out I found I could barely focus or keep my eyes open. So after about half an hour of trying to get some motivation I gave in and chilled out.

This morning, after doing a couple little bits and pieces, I sat down and got myself set up. I wrote a quick post on my local NaNo groups Facebook page saying I’m about if anyone wants to sprint (that’s where we focus on just writing, editing or anything else related to writing) I’m about. One person, Elizabeth, was so we got started. I’d set myself a target to get to for this short story (7000 words) and I was aiming for about 2500 hundred words today.
I sat down at about 10am to start and at 9pm tonight, with a lot of sprints with Elizabeth and later, Anita and Paul, I called it a night. I wrote 7553 words, a personal best, by a good 3500 words. I wouldn’t have done it without the Kent NaNo gang. Knowing someone else is cracking on with a piece of art really does help 🙂

I’ve got to say though, I am absolutely wiped out! I’m surprised how much it’s taken out of me, but I know I could have gone on for another couple of hours if I’d wanted too but with work tomorrow I thought it best.

Something that has struck me since I’ve stopped for the night is, I could have a 10,000 day. I’m not going to strive for one but under the right circumstances I could do it. I’ve heard other writers talk about hitting 5-figure days but I never thought I’d ever really do more then say five or six thousand a day. Now though, 7553, that’s the target to beat. I’m not one to get obsessed with hitting word count targets. I use them to track my progress and see what lengths I’m writing at.

Most of all hitting that many words today has shown me that there is nothing that I can’t do with writing. I’ve got an idea for a World War 2 story, but it intimidates me because it will require a hell of a lot of work and even though I’ve decided to give it a go in the next couple of years it doesn’t feel as intimidating anymore.
That’ll have to wait for me to get a few other ongoing projects wrapped up though.

All in all, a very good day 🙂

(I’m writing this post at the end of the day, and I’m well tired, so please ignore any typos 🙂 )

Another One Done

Today I’ve had a 2100 word morning which has wrapped up the short story I’ve been working on for my vampire collection. 6600 words in four days all in; which I’m really happy about. I’m quite happy with how this story went as well, despite the fact that it went off in a totally different direction to what I had, roughly, planned. As it did this it totally screwed up two other stories which happen later on. One of which has a first draft done, and is the last of the collection. The other one is just a rough synopsis at the moment but because of the events in the story I’ve just completed I’m not sure where I these two will go. The one that’s completed i could still use, but i think it’s not going to be in this collection. The other one will take some adjusting of the synopsis but I think i can still make it work nicely.

Something I think these changes could benefit is that I can use this new story thread more down the line then I and originally planned. I feel like the characters who have messed up my plans have a real flip-side to them that’ll be a lot of fun to explore.