Word Counts & Momentum

***Flash post, so please ignore the typos***

I’m a word count junkie, I love keeping track of how many words I’ve written per day for both fiction and blogging (if I could count social media posts, emails and text messaging I would!) I try not to let it dictate what I’m working on though. I may set a word count target when I’m writing but if the story doesn’t hit it then I’m not going to add fluff to just build the numbers up. I will also go over the target if I need to, a couple of weeks ago I went over by 1500 on a short story.
That said I have recently set myself a daily minimum of 500 words when I’m working on a first draft as I think that’s a target I should be able to hit easily enough (famous last words lol).
Over the last couple of days though I’ve done a bit of math and realised I’ve written 42,000 words since the start of March, and this month I’ve knocked out 20,000 words as I’ve been working on this vampire series. The reason why I’ve been able to do this is because I know the overall story arc, I know the locations it’s set in and I’ve found my desire to write again.

What have I learnt for this this? If I learn how to prepare better then there’s no reason why I can’t knock out a first draft of a novel length story in three months. But I need to keep this momentum as well as being prepared. Once I’ve got this draft done I’m going to straight away go over it with a red pen and make the changes that are needed, then I’ll send it off to beta readers. Then I’m not sure if I’m going to do another red-pen of last years NaNo project, Earth, After Liberation, or if I’m going to fine tune a couple of short stories I want to send off. I’ve also got collaborations I need to think about as well.
Whatever I work on though I’m not going to take a break as I don’t want to loose this momentum I’m getting.


2 thoughts on “Word Counts & Momentum

  1. Great to hear you’re on a roll. Always take notes for when you are, so when things slow down you know that yes, you still can write fast no matter what it seems like at first.

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