Twists, Turns and Frustrations

Just a quick little post tonight.

I’m working on this vampire collection, although I’ve lost a bit of momentum since my mammoth 7553 words on Sunday, and as I’m moving along with it what I’m writing now is causing me problems with the final story in the collection. This story was the first piece of fiction I wrote in this universe and I’m really quite fond of it, and I’d hate to cut it out of this collection but if I have to I will. How it’s going to play out now though is I can keep it in but not how it’s sitting now. I’d have to re-work and downplay some of the elements in it to make it fit into the set nicely.

Time will tell though. I’ll see how it all clicks in and I’m confident in my Beta readers to tell me whether it does work or not.

That’s it for me, I’m winding with Pacific Rim before bed. Tomorrow I’m off out for the evening so I won’t get anything worked on. Saturday afternoon/evening I’m planning on having a tidy up and on Sunday I’m aiming to have another day writing 🙂


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