What I’m Reading

Just a quick little post about the fiction that I am currently reading.

I have just finished reading Scott Sigler’s ‘The Starter.’ This is the second in the Galactic Football League series and rolls on nicely from the First ‘The Rookie.’ We are following Quentin Barnes through his journey from a Rookie to where ever Sigler wants to take us on this ride. Someone (no idea who) described this as “Any Given Sunday” meets “The Godfather” meets “Star Wars” Its set in a HUGE universe with a number of different species. Most of which have fought massive wars with each other, but there is a species ‘The Creterakians’ who have pretty much overrun the entire known galaxy through sheer numbers are able to keep all the species at peace with each other, but as a way of uniting the species they endorse the future version of american football. One part of the galactic football game that Sigler has here that is my favourite is that a player can kill another player on the field of play, which is okay as long as it is a legal tackle.

The world that Sigler has created here is huge and I cannot do it justice here because it has a massive scope for endless stories. “The Crypt” is another Sigler work which is set in this universe. Please check out the Authors website:


I have mentioned Scott Sigler here before and he still stands as one of my favourite authors. I loved this book and how the story has progressed and I am eagerly looking forward to the third instalment “The All-Pro.”

I’ve now started reading “Metro 2033” by Dmitry Glukhovsky. I found this in Waterstones and was drawn in by the title and once I read the blurb I thought ‘Hell yeah!’ and brought it there and then. I’m really looking forward to reading this and I’ll let you know what I think once I’ve finished it.

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