Getting The Right Beginning

I am having huge problems with how to set the beginning of the novel re-write.  I have been writing littles bits which I hope to include in the re-write and this is giving me a bit of A feel of how the tone will feel, but I still can’t come up with how to get the opening chapter going.  I want it to open with A bang! I want the reader to think ‘wow!’ Easier said then done I know but that is how I have always wanted this story to begin.  I have played with the idea of starting with A Prologue, but I’m not entirely sure about that.  It would give me the opening that I want and let the first chapter open in A softer way.  This way would allow me to include A snippet that I have that would build one of the characters back story.  I know what the prologue would be, but have had difficulty writing it despite it being rather vivid in my mind.  That kind of tells me that it may not be such A good idea but I do keep coming back to it.  The more that I’ve thought about it the more this seems like A good way to open the novel.  I think it will give the reader A good insight into the world that they are about to delve into and leave them wanting to know more about it.

Getting these thoughts out has actually freed up A few ideas about how to get the novel rolling.  I’m off to get writing!

4 thoughts on “Getting The Right Beginning

  1. I usually open my novels in the middle of a scene – or seemingly so. This immediately gives the hook and draws a reader in (I hope). Like, literally middle of a sentence. If you do a prologue, beware the pitfalls of prologues, (telling too much rather than showing). It’s sooooo easy to get trapped. Good luck!


    • Thanks 🙂 Thats one of the things that is holding me back about the prologue. I do like your idea of pretty much starting half way through a sentance though. Thats given me A few ideas 🙂


  2. I joined a critique group and the really helped me. The start of my novel moved to the middle. They asked me how the protagonist got to where he was. That question opened up a whole new line of thinking. I recently invested in a program named Snowflake. It really helps by taking a sentence, then developing it into a paragraph, then to a page, then a chapter, etc. I’m just playing around with it, but will use it for a sequel. Keep at it and it will come.


    Tom Blubaugh
    NIght of the Cossack


  3. Thanks Tom. On this re-write we are talking about starting the novel earlier then it was in the first draft. I like the Snowflake idea. i might have a little play around with that later on today. This novel is something that I’m writing with a friend, and we are confident of the ending but we know we need to get a cracking good start. We know parts of the back story for our main characters but we’re working on when these characters come together and if that will work well for the story line which we know the back story for quite well.


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