Movie Review : Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil

This is A film about the hillbilly’s side of a movie.  Normally these people are the bad guys that kill and violate the unfortunate college kids who are on their well deserved spring break etc.  Tucker and Dale vs Evil is the total opposite of this.

Tucker and Dale are on their way to their newly brought vacation home.  It is the house of their dreams and they are especially impressed with it.  On the way to their new vacation house they encounter some college kids who are off to go camping.  One of the college girls, Allison, (Katrina Bowden) takes Dale’s (Tyler Labine) breath away.  Tucker (Alan Tudyk) encourages Dale to go and talk to her.  It doesnt go well.

Once they get to their house they go night fishing where they see the college kids going skinny dipping.  Allison is on a formation of rocks and sees Tucker and Dale, screams and falls into the lake. Being good people Tucker and Dale pull her from the lake and take her back to the cabin.  The rest of the college kids see this and assume that they are kidnapping her and from here on out it just goes badly, badly wrong for all concerned.  There is a lot of misunderstandings and some very unfortunate accidents.

I really liked this film.  I am A big Alan Tudyk fan.  I cant recall anything that he hasn’t impressed me in.  Tyler Labine I’ve seen here and there but I had not really noticed him beyond that but in this I was very impressed with him.  Both him and Tudyk really play the stereotypical hillbilly really well and bounce off one another even better.  This film really has a lot of heart and fun in it.  Its rare nowadays that a film really makes me laugh, but this one does.  There are bits where I thought to myself ‘I can see whats gonna happen here!’ but I found that some of these bits did not play out as I thought they would.

All in all I was very impressed with this movie.  I will be buying it on DVD when it comes out.

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